EndieBid Help Center and FAQ’s

We are always here to help, and wish to build the best marketplace possible for all of our users. With that being said here are some of the most commonly asked questions and (answers) about Endiebid.

Posting a Project(s)

Can I communicate  with a user before I hire them?

To protect your privacy and the structure of the marketplace, we ask that you do not share any personal contact information with other users before you hire them. We do offer a fantastic option called the (Message board) though where you can communicate with other users about their project(s) and particular details that may not be listed in the project(s) description. Note: You must be an active bidder on the chosen project before this feature is enabled. There is no sharing of personal contact information whatsoever per Endiebid for your safety.

How do I post a project(s) up for bid?

From your  user dashboard screen, select the Post a Project tab. Fill out all information in its entirety including the projects budget. Once you have filled out all necessary  information added any photos or videos and are happy  with it, simply select the save button at the bottom of the screen and presto! your project is now live.





How do I collect payment?

If you have been hired for a project, all funds are collected from the hiring party at that time by Endiebid and held. Once both parties request a release of funds, we will then release that  amount and deposit it directly into your specified account.

When do I pay  if I hire someone?


Once you have decided to hire a specific user, you will be prompted to pay the agreed upon amount by you and the hired user. This amount will be held by Endiebid until both parties request a release of funds. If payment is not made at this time, the deal will not go through and the agreement will be considered as unfulfilled.

What types of payment does Endiebid accept?



We accept all major credit/debit cards, we also use PayPal to process and deposit funds. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash or wire transfers at this time. In order to uphold our terms of service, transactions must take place on the site which will ensure the security of your funds and information.

How much does it cost to use Endiebid?



Endiebid is completely free for all users to sign up and browse. By signing up, you’ll be able to browse dozens of freelancers and businesses looking to serve you! The only time you pay is when you decide to hire one of our excellent users. For those looking to provide a service, Endiebid receives a small percentage only when you are hired and paid for a project.

What if I am unsatisfied with the hired user I chose service(s)?



We aim for your experience on EndieBid to always be an amazing and hassle free one. If anything goes wrong, EndieBid encourages all users to  communicate throughout the whole process to resolve any issues that may arise. Contacting the hired party through EndieBid to notify them of your concerns, In most cases work out with both parties resolving the issue on their own. We also urge both parties to leave honest reviews and feedback  once the deal is done.

What if I cannot  resolve an issue  with another user?


If you are not able to reach a decision with the other party, the case may be considered for review by the EndieBid support team. You may file a report by contacting EndieBid within 30 days of receiving a transaction receipt. If your case is escalated to be reviewed, our dedicated support team will determine the best resolution to your dispute.

My Account


How do I reset my password if I forget it?

If you have forgotten your password, this is a simple and easy fix. From the home screen simply select the login tab at the top of the screen. Once the login box appears, select the forgot password? link at the bottom of the box. A new page will then display asking you to enter the email address that you signed up with. Enter your e mail address and select the reset my password button. A confirmation page will then display letting you know to check your e mail, follow all directions within the e mail to reset your password and that’s it! your done.


How do I  change my password?

Once you have logged into your account, from your dashboard  screen select My Account  and then Password  from the drop down menu. You will then be prompted  to enter your old password,  once you have done that simply  enter your new password of choice and confirm it by typing it into the last column and selecting save.

How do I add pictures or video to my portfolio?


Select My Account from your dashboard  screen and My Profile from the drop down menu.  Select the Customize Profile button at the top of the screen which will bring you to your  Portfolio. Click choose file and select the image or video of your choice.

How do I sign up to offer a service on Endiebid?


At Endiebid we aim to provide only the most professionally qualified service experts to all of our users. So In order to offer a service, you must sign up for a free membership and create an account first. When signing up for your new account, you must select the business/freelancer option.  You will then be prompted to complete a small questionnaire about you and your services. Once you have done all of this, your information will then be forwarded to Endiebid for review and approval.

 How do I  change my profile picture?


From your dashboard screen simply drag your cursor over your current Profile image, select the pop up link below that says Change Image.  A box will then appear asking you to choose and upload the new image of your choice. Once you have done so, select upload and Presto! Your done.


How do I manage my projects?


From your dashboard screen select the My Projects tab, from the drop down menu you can select and manage any projects you have posted or are currently working on. 

Service Fees


Posting projects on EndieBid  and browsing tons of qualified professionals is easy and completely free! When you post a project you don’t pay a dime until you are happy with the professional of your choice and both parties agree to a deal. There are no monthly fees, membership dues or anything of the sort. So in other words, we don’t get paid until you do!


How much does it cost to post a project?


Posting a Project is completely free! The only fees associated with posting a project is a 5% transaction fee charged for processing payments. This fee will be automatically added into your total at checkout for reference before you confirm and pay.

For example, If you and the hired user you selected agreed on an amount of $50.00. The amount you would pay at checkout is $52.50.


How much does it cost to be a service provider on EndieBid?


Providing a service on EndieBid is free for all qualified users who sign up as a (Business/Freelancer) and are approved. EndieBid charges a 13% service fee only when both parties lock into a deal and payment has been made. This fee is based on the total amount agreed upon by both parties. If the agreed amount for example was $50.00 the hired user for the project would then receive $43.50 after the service fee has been deducted.