About Us

 Ray Lott, Founder

Ray Lott is an expert real estate, securities and insurance broker with more than sixteen years of experience helping clients find and build quality homes in the greater Houston area. Working with Fortune 500 real estate firm Trendmaker Homes, Wells Fargo Advisors, and Highland Homes, Ray gained a range of expertise in tailoring real estate transactions for his clients' individual needs, from the home search to mortgages to long-term managed money solutions. Ray also helps builders and contractors by offering streamlined project management, structuring innovative processes to make home building more efficient, and designing offices for maximum business performance.

Ray works to create straightforward, transparent contracts for all parties. “I know the industry inside and out, and I'm always focused on ways to create win-win-win situations for everyone involved,” Ray writes. “I'm always focused on the long-term picture.”



When we decided to create EndieBid, we aimed to re-invent the way we as consumers shop,find,and locate the goods and services we have come to count on in a more social way. 

Long gone are the days of using the yellow pages in your local phone book to find what you need.Not to mention in this day and age, who actually has the time to sit down and flip through page after page to locate a reputable source you can trust. The invention of many search engines have helped minimize this issue, buteven they can still be confusing, overwhelming, or even inaccurate in providing a business you can count on. That’s when we decided there has to be a better way, and EndieBid could very well be the answer. We decided to build a close knit online community of people who truly love what they do, and gain even more excitement out of providing a quality service you can trust.


Imagine if in one simple click you could hire a DJ for that special sweet sixteen. Maybe even a hardworking landscaper for that backyard riddled with weeds, orperhaps a professional photographer to help you capture some of your life’s mostprecious moments. By letting EndieBiddo all the hard work for you, you spare yourself the headache of having do it all on your own which is definitely a plus in our books. Thus the concept EndieBid was born to help you! The everyday individual just like us make life that much easier.